Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Important Highlights From Kim Hyun Joong's 김현중 UNLIMITED Premium Event

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hyun joong was asked abt x'mas plan in this year at the interview session btwn 1st n 2nd time premium event, he answered he was planning to have a trip wz his manager in Korea cr: tvstation_om

acc to hyun joong, jp tour, full album in Korea, drama, single CD in jp and world tour at the end of year in 2013!

so funny that hyun joong said “pls don't let your stick light close to your face. It makes you look a ghost.“ hahahaha ^^;

hyun joong seemed to be relax on the last show. he said that he had extra time after concerts in China, he learned table tennis from his bodyguard?, and shown us his swings. And after that, so cute that he started to speak wz the microphone holding as it's like the way of racket. ^^

some interesting story read from weibo abt HJ's event today. HJ was asked:"Korea is very cold last week,are you OK?"HJ answered:"it's OK,cuz I went to China at that time"(totally HJ style~haha)then he talked abt the awards he got in 121208 Miguhui Music Awards,fans clapped hands to congratulate him 
========================another question:"What are you doing in China?"HJ answered:"I learned to play table tennis from a professional person."but he said he only tried several times,then he shown the poses of playing table tennis.really not standard,I guess HJ could learn table tennis well in China cuz it's national ball of China,many fans wanna teach him^^
cr @crazyhyun66

 aigoo... there's more! I guess as 王小猫neko_henecia was sharing, more memories from the three shows she had attended today came rushing back... anyway, here's the trans:

Thinking back now, there're not just two parts that were touching. During the third show, he kept moving around. He was asked why he kept moving all the time. He said, "It's hot."

The fans below the stage immediately shouted, "Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!" The entire audience was really shouting out loud in unison. I was screaming too inside. He made a gesture of removing his jacket, but didnt take it off. He said it's be cold if he removed his jacket. 

Later, the topic went back to his jacket and eventually, he obliged and gave in to the Japanese fans' wish; he took it off. cr @baebb

2 japanese comedians are welcomed as guests for UNLIMITED premium event. One comedian told hyun joong that she watched WGM, and she thought hyun joong ssi is very good at adjusting to a woman. He answered he doesn't, he is gonna be broken up by woman. cr lunajun0324 on weibo