Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vote For Kim Hyun Joong As The Best Hallyu Star at ENT & Culture Awards in Korea!

Here is one poll we should really be serious about! Vote vote vote!

It might be hard at first but patience is a virtue right? More so, for the love of Hyun Joong!

Credit: ONLYKHJTIMES @twitter

Step 2: Follow the simple steps on the screencap provided below. 

Final step: Once you verify your account on your email, be you're good to go! 

Do vote! ^^ 


  1. Hi Kathryn, I tried to register but got problem with the cell phone stuff .it was doesn't work..
    Could u please show me what should I put on the cell phone box??

    1. Hello did you try the format as shown above if the cellphone you placed didnt work? you should put 010XXXXxxxx meaning put 010 first then your numbers.

    2. Thanks kathy for ur response.. I did put the format as said above but still doesnt work.. Is it work for aus number? It say my num is 0431688123 so it will be 0100431688123.. It is right??

    3. Hi dear. I too, is having the same problem. My korean friend said we should just make up some number, however in this format. 010 xxx xxx. Example. 010 123 4567. You should try and tell me if it still doesnt work.

    4. Hi kathy thanks again, i made up the random korea ph number n its work.. Registered done n have voted today!! So happy.. I was following all the tutor said n used the google translated for help...well done!!!
      Lets fight for our best of the best prince..

  2. hi kath it won't accept my name, why is that?

    1. Hello. Your name should be in KOREAN letters. Try google translate your name. Copy paste your korean name. And that's it.

  3. thanks for the guide & upload it.
    so we are the fans know where to vote him.
    thank you.