Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Updated: Tutorial On How To Vote For Kim Hyun Joong As BEST HALLYU STAR at 20th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards

Got a little problem with the last tutorial because of the numbers and all so here is one of the updated tutorial.

IMPORTANT REMINDER. The name should be KOREAN. Meaning in Hangul letters. As for me, I used my name in my FACEBOOK which is KATHY KIM. I typed it on google translate and it becomes 캐씨 김. Now Korean surname comes first right so it should be 김 (KIM) 캐씨 (KATHY). got it?

The most important is your email. It should work since you have to confirm your registration before voting. Your cellphone number is just your cellphone number. Example my number is 0906xxxxxxx. Just place it on the cellphone and that will do. ^^

Credit: http://kelemama.wordpress.com/

First of all, we need to register for an account at the official site: http://awards.emn.kr/news/register.php

Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards (Hallyu Star Award) Nominee —-> KIM HYUN JOONG (click to vote)


ONE IP ADDRESS FOR ONE ACCOUNT! So we can only vote once per day with one account using one computer. Alternatively, if you have more than one computer at home/work/school, use it to create multiple accounts so that you can vote more.


Read that some fans were confused about the pop-up message box when they voted. They were not sure if their vote was successful or declined. Fret not, the pop-ups are just to inform you that vote has been cast. There’s 2 different pop-up message.

If you have just log in and placed your vote for the day, you’ll receive this pop-up (as shown below), it’s to let you know that your vote has been accepted.

After you have placed your vote, and you try to vote again, you’ll receive another pop-up message that says you’ve already voted so it doesn’t count in anymore. So just vote once will do. :D

*Drum rolls* And, with the effort from all of Hyun Joong’s fans, be it Triple S or Henecia, Hyun Joong is now ranked No.1 under the Hallyu Star Award category! Let’s keep voting to help our Prince get his well-deserved Hallyu Star Award!! Fighting!!


  1. yes! I finally did it after being frustrated yesterday. after registering though, you need to confirm your email then after that log in and then you can vote. as of 11/21/ 2:10pm KHJ is rank no.1 with 941votes. following with 800 votes is beast

    1. Oh nice! Glad you already voted!!! Please spread the word!^^

  2. oh thank you so much!woohoo! KHJ FIGHTING Triple S and HENECIAS

  3. tomorrow is holiday, i hope i can fight it out how to vote on this one tonight.
    let's do our best on voting this post & the Yahoo.
    thank you :)

  4. Okay so i was able to vote and i made another acc. to vote on another comp. but they won't accept my phone no. eventhough a new mobilephone no. why is that???

    1. Hi! By another computer, you meant another internet connection right? Im not sure of the IP thingy but its that how it works? please correct me if im wrong.

      Im thinking its your IP that prompts you not to register. I have learned that mobile number doesnt really matter.

  5. why is it that HJ is already number two? where did the number guy come from. i know he barelty had a hundred votes until yesterday, then suddenly he's number 1. i smell something fishy

  6. yes i did it i really really did it for our hyun joong .he is the best. i hope he will go up fighting thanks.