Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some Photos and Interesting Highlights from Kim Hyun Joong's(김현중) HAPPY CAMP RECORDING!

OH Dr Baek Seung Jo! I so missed you! And yey! My wish on seeing Hyun Joong dancing to Gangnam Style will happen!!!

Seems that were in for some happy and fun episode of Happy Camp! Let's watch out on November 3^^

Credit: babyvfan.wordpress.com/twitter.com/wangqizi(Highlights from HC)
Photos: as tagged

Theme for tonight's happy camp recording is 王子style (왕자 스타일) prince style

Hyun Joong's style for tonight ~ handsome crastagged

Haha, what is hyun Joong doing? From director's weibo "a powerful word from hyunjoong, '네' " he says this everytime

Laughs laughs. 진자4D! U laugh, translator laughs, everyone laughs

Haha, khj was actually doing a bit of BD juz now~ his pants was a little tight, so he...~~keke

Hj is very friendly and caring~ when XieNa(one of the female mc) was playing game, he went to hold the mic for her

Hyun Joong is really competitive~~

Hyun Joong gave birthday present for HaiTao, (male mc whose birthday is today)

HaiTao piggy backed hyun Joong! (can't share photo, sorry..)

Hyun Joong talked about his childhood dream - becoming a scientist

Hyun Joong won all the games too~ originally, he had to update a weibo himself if he loses, but he won, so HeJiong was the one that has to write to HaiTao “lets get together” . Hyun Joong was the one that helped HeJiong to press the ‘send’ button.

A photo of hyun Joong thinking.. 생각종 ~

Hj danced to gangnam style~ 귀요

Hyun Joong finished recording for his performance too. Here's a pic of him (Please 재발) uploaded by director

One last^^ HJ with HAPPY CAMP Hosts^^ 

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