Saturday, September 15, 2012

(Fan Photos) Kim Hyun Joong [ 김현중] Visited Jaksal Chicken And Humbly Washed Plates!

Edited: Sorry for the earlier mistake on the title:(

Omg. How humble of you Hyun Joong.

He is the owner of Jaksal and yet he does his own dishes. Its nice to see once in a while a glimpse of how Hyun Joong does even this simple thing. Makes us see how grounded he still is.

Credit: kinghyunjoong.com
haru_khj: KHJ.CO.KR
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  1. i love this man, he is the type i love.
    he is not that far away from me at this moment. he is like a next door oppa to me now :)

  2. I'm a new KHJ fan as of last month and I love him the more I learn about this talented and sincere man. He's the humble artist that is reaping all the rewards of hard work! Thanks for this update and website!

  3. This is why I love this man. He is so unpretentious and hard working.

  4. Waaaah, HJ washing dishes....what a beautiful sight

    You are a good man HJ.