Wednesday, July 25, 2012

(Video Plus Translation)Kim Hyun Joong 5th Star Who Had Unique Student Life

English Translation from Japanese sub-titles. Credit Natalie.

Thanks Ms Nadz for sharing as well as Michiko^^

Title: Stars Who Had Unique Student Life: 5th Kim Hyunjoong!

0:00 Running away from home was the beginning of hardships.
0:11 A luxury prince.
0:13 Kim Hyun joong may look as though everything has gone smoothly with him, but…
0:18 “I’d even not like to imagine.”
0:20 “If my son were like me, I would confine him (in the house).
0:25 So, his life was not so easy, too?
0:28 “It was just like tornado.”
0:33 In the first place, his education background is unusual.
0:36 Graduated from Chamshil Elementary School and Chamshil Middle School…
0:38 Quited Yeongdong Highschool, graduated from Hanyan Industrial High school
0:40 At present, a student of Kongju University of Visual Arts.
0:46 Somewhat complicated, isn’t it?
0:50 Began with Seo Taiji and ended with quitting from senior high school
0:56 “Hyunjoong was not so smart, but was cool.”
1:01 Was playing the guitar. Because of whom?
1:04 That’s it! I wanna become like him!
1:06 I will become the second Seo Taiji!
1:09 The moment Hyunjoong saw Seo Taiji, he felt as though a new world opened.
1:14 “Going to school was like wasting time.” “I wanted to play the guitar more!”
1:20 Did you feel going to school was wasting time?
1:22 “Yeah, because I wanted to become like Seo Taiji Sunbae as quickly as possible.”
1:28 Kim Hyunjoong decided to quit from senior high school, to live like Seo Taiji.
1:32 But, what happened to his life?
1:35 “Wake up in the morning, and eat breakfast.”
1:38 “Was breakfast provided? By your mom?”
“No, I even could not get allowance at that time.”
1:43 Earn by yourself to eat!
1:50 I used to stand-by at cafeteria of the high school in day time.
1:54 After school hours, friends come there to gather.
1:57 When I got bored, I went to another high school by bicycle.
2:04 I played soccer there with the students during their physical education class.
2:11 Afterwards, I went to work for chicken-delivery.
2:20 We have heard that those idling are the busiest! Indeed!
2:27 When a teacher asked me, “study or music?”, I decided “music”.
2:31 Then I left home saying “I will work by myself. I will make it!”
2:35 Hmm, he left home…., then?
2:38 Experienced extreme hardships.
2:40 I’ve never experienced hardships like that.
2:44 The heroic hardship began there.
2:50 Kim Hyunjoong’s overcoming a whirlwind. Survival strategy of a runaway boy!
2:56 No.1.  When hungry?
3:00 I left home, no money, was too hungry. I thought I might die.
3:06 Then, eat!
3:09 I ordered plenty like toppogi, onigiri (rice balls), and ate them.
3:18 Then, I just ran out, at a right timing. Holding tempura in my hand…
3:23 Tempura?
“It’s an emergency food for the next day.”
3:30 No.2. When want to take shower?
3:36 When I went to the basement of a public bath, there was a boiler.
3:41 It must be with really strong fire.
3:43 Yes, it was really hot. I climbed up a ladder leaning on the wall.
3:51 When I open a cover, there was a public bath.
3:57 Then took a shower with hot water. Shaved with a used shaver.
4:08 But that got known soon. I thought I was gonna killed.
4:17 No. 3. When sleepy, … this!
4:21 I was sleeping in a room of a large apartment which was going to be renovated.
4:34 When I woke up, they had started dismantling. They were breaking down the apartment.
4:41 The building was all in small pieces.
4:44 Yes, the rooms up to the next door had been broken already.
4:54 Then, we hear that you found the best survival strategy.
4:59 It was that time that I went home. Also wanted to go to college.
5:04 Should graduate from high school.
5:06 Must not continue the runaway life.
- The world is a fearful place!
5:15 Hardship may have grown him up.
5:17 Entered high school again, and even won a merit award.
5:22 You, who experienced hardship by yourself, are a true star of resistance!

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