Sunday, July 1, 2012

(Video Plus Translation) A rough translation of Music Japan KHJ Interview

Rough Translation Credit: http://ameblo.jp/breakdown0606

Video upload: KHJ0606MU

MC: We have Kim Hyun Joong ssi, a Korean’s Super Star, with us.
We asked him what he did to build up a manly body for the next drama.

HJ : Work-out and Succor. The day before yesterday, I played a succor.
But, I played too hard for four hours, ending up with my toenails of the left foot splited.

Q : What kind of meal do you take in Japan?

HJ: When I am in Japan, I would like to eat Ramen, Soba (Japanese traditional noodle) and beef bawl. But I am still in the midst of physical training, I don’t each ramen nor beel bawl. Instead I eat Soba (Japanese noodle). Today, after the recording of this program, I am going out to eat Soba.

MC: Kim Hyun Joong ssi’s new song was produced by B'z; the lyrics was written by Mr. Inaba (Vocalist of B’z) and the song was composed by Mr. Matsumoto (guitar player of B’z). This is the first time that B’z offered both of a lyric and song to the other artist.

HJ: I was a member of the band when I was young. Since then, I like B’z. As I received a song from the artist whom I have been admiring for a long time, one of my dreams came true.

Q: So you worked together with the artist you had been longing for ?

HJ : Yes, I went to their office and the recording studio. I could not believe that it was real.

Q : So did you talk with Messrs. Inaba and Matsumoto?

HJ: Yes, we talked many things. I felt their passion for music. In the new song,“ Heat “, all of our passion (B’z & HJ) , our soul were put in.

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