Sunday, July 29, 2012

[Translation] Excerpts from Kim Hyun Joong's Press Conference at Bangkok,Thailand on 28th July 2012

Translated by: OnlyKHJtimes (onlykhjtimes.blogspot.com) from Chinese translation by: Baidu KHJ Bar (http://twitpic.com/ad1ztl)TQ!

MC: Why do you choose Thailand as the finale of your Asian FM Tour?
KHJ: Actually, Thailand was not originally included in this year's FM schedule. But because fans want more opportunities to interact with me and have waited a long time for me, hence I chose Thailand as the final stop. Very thankful to all of you for waiting for me and still caring about me. I am really grateful for all of your love.

MC: Is there going to be anything special in the FM tomorrow (Sun, 29th July)?
KHJ: I have held the FM tour in various parts of Asia and each place has its own special arrangements. But it will be in Thailand where I will show everything that I have to my fans. I know Thai fans really like water - I will make some arrangement for all my fans (here).

MC: We all know that your HEAT single's sales in Japan sold over 187,000 copies. How do you feel about this?
KHJ: No matter what, (I) feel very very thankful to all my Japanese fans. I know fans in Thailand also helped in the effort and bought the HEAT album too, resulting it to be placed no. 1 on the Oricon. All the fans here give me a lot of love moral support each time, so I want to thank all the fans in Thailand. If I have the chance next time, I will try singing in Thai. If there is a possibility, someday in the future, I hope to be able to work with a Thai singer too. Maybe I will even include a Thai song in a future album and I will sing it to you all.

MC: On 'City Conquest', what made you decide to take on this drama?
KHJ: 'City Conquest' is my new drama. The role I play in it will be different from the ones in 'Boys Over Flowers' and 'Mischievous Kiss'. In this drama, I will act as a charismatic, cute character. This is an action drama, (so) you will see me in a fresh role and there's a sweet romance with the heroine. Please look forward to it.

MC: What kind of preparations have you had to make for this new drama?
KHJ: I had to train up a healthy physique, as well as to learn how to bring alive (the role of) a boxer. If you watch this new drama, you will see a totally different me.

MC: Your wish is to fly to another planet. When do you intend to make this come true?
KHJ: I'm still young now. As I grow older, technology will also advance. I will realise this dream one day in the future, until then, it will remain a dream of mine.

MC: Please send a message to all the Thai fans who have been missing you very much.
KHJ: Even though we are in different countries, but in my heart, we are indescribably close. I live in Korea but I think of you all everyday. If I have a new drama or a new album, I hope everyone will cheer me on and support me with your love. I love every single one of my fans here.




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