Sunday, July 15, 2012

Important Tidbits from HEAT Concert at Saitama: Kim Hyun Joong Cried

Heard that Hyun Joong visited the doctor again because of his throat again so I think that was the reason that makes him sad...

Hyun Joong ah. Dont worry.. We love you!^^

Thanks unnie Lafone for sharing too much on the two days!^^

Credit: twitter.com/lafone0606

Now Uzooshin story starts. He changed , the country of tradition & innovation, Japan.

Please has just ended. Video of 5things he Eudora like to do 4 his future girlfriend.

Kiss Kiss. Wow he has delivered Teady Bare by himself. His voice is not as usual.

Today, he wears a basket player uniform. Now smile.

He has not expected Oricon 1. Under the pressure of the 2 of Jpn debut, 
But his pressure & concern went away by the new record. Another wish for achievement in his heart.

If we rise up the steps, we have to go down. But I'm still in the 20's, I can run by 20 times.

He sweats the double today as he has kept awaiting the fans 4 one hour. 

He thought that we got angry.He thought that the fans may go to make a claim to the agency, 4D as usual. Talk session now.

He is going back to Nikko tonight for drama shooting. He Eudora like to go to the hot spring, if possible.

Future plan: "No plan". He cannot talk about the future plan w/I the agency. Please write your hope in KE's HP.

HJ also said that he wide like to repay to Jpn fans one by one at a small stage the next year as we patiently waited him.

HJ Is crying. He regrets that he could not control his condition as professional.

Next song is "If you are like me ". He is now singing acapella .

Heat, Let's Party, and Lucky Guy. Daytime has just ended. He said that as he did the best today, he wide not regret.

He again promised that he wide have concerts in Jpn at smaller venue. Very touching concert. I also cried.

He is much better than daytime. He sang "I'm your man" live. Now smile. Again completion Bren 1F & 2F ,Leader & Hyun Joong.

Talk session. His voice is now ordinary. Due to his guerrilla live, leader of Artmatic cancelled honeymoon.

He uses 2sacks of toothpaste , he feels that the volume of toothpaste in a hotel is too little.

In the morning, he starts from tooth washing, then he takes a shower, not vice veracity.

Marry me. He has pointed out the lady,. She was invited on to the stage. A flower bouquet & picture.

He kneeled down in front of her to write his autograph on the picture. Jealous screaming!!!

I'm challenging to become Baek Mil. Pls wait to see you again as singer KHJ. U believe we feel the same way.

Lucky Guy. He ran through the floor with many security guards. " I stop being singer KHJ for a while"

"I will concentrate to be Baek Mil from now. Till we see again on the stage, pls stay in a good health. Bye now"

Today's concert was very touching. We could feel HJ's sincere feelings to the fan.

The msg of Uzooshin, "You will remember me that I stayed on the earth? You may forget me tomorrow" Is touching.

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