Sunday, June 10, 2012

Important Tidbits from Kim Hyun Joong's 2012 Asia Fan Meeting in BEIJING

Translation: twitter.com/planethyun (MiniUfo)

HyunJoong Opening speech: Today Beijing is full of live & passionate. Everybody also know that this is China last stop. I have no regrets today, I will use up all of my energy here. Today is China last FM, I hope everybody will be like me, enjoying the different FM today.

Speech before 'Happiness is..': It is tedious in the performance, but because of your support, having 2 or 3 times a week is also alright. Because of you I will not feel tired. If everybody is happy, I will continue to stand in this stage. Presenting 'Happiness is...' this song

Oppa said now when he is on stage he is not so nervous, because of everybody support, so he will not feel tired on stage and feel very happy~ and said if everybody feel happy after listening to my song, I will feel happy too!!

Oppa asked fan: I want to ask you a personal question, did we take the same flight a few times together? [Oppa is remembering fans again!] Fan said: Seems like a few times. Oppa cont. to said: I finally see you talking, last time I didn't see you talk before, I thought you don't talk. Fan answered: I don't dare to talk~ don't know korean. Oppa said: In order to have more meeting with fans, he will learn chinese!!!

BTW, just now that fan which HyunJoong talked to is the lucky fan who won the bear!!!!!!

HyunJoong: Today is the last performance, hope everybody will scream to your full content and give me your full support~ Today I will be working very hard to perform every song. The next song is 'I am your man'. Oppa sounds so cute~ even pout, can't bear it.

Oppa said his staff down stage said his condition today is best, there are japan fans screaming 'Arigato', everybody laugh. Oppa siad don't know why today he sweat very little. Everybody answered~~~ because today they turn on the air condition. hahaha

HyunJoong speech before singing 'Smile': Do you think the FM is interesting? Luckily everybody think that it is nice. I was worried today as the weather was not so good and might rain. Today while on the plane, I dream and I was worried, but I have worried too much as the performance has been very fun. The staff under stage told me that today my condition is the best! I am doing my very best to perform but don't know why today I didn't sweat so much. I will still put in my best and don't think that I didn't put in effort. I will work hard to make my whole body sweat today. Now let me present to you 'Smile'

Just now when the MC ask HyunJoong to say 'I love you', then she asked '可以吗?' ('Ke yi am' Mean: Is it ok?). HyunJoong followed her said: 'ke yi ma'. Everybody laughed. Haha. Then she asked him to say '我爱你们' ('wo ai ni men' means I love all of you), then HyunJoong said it accurately. ^^ [

After saying '我爱你们' (I love all of you), HyunJoong asked is this word the most direct way to convey a person's feeling. Fans say Yes. HyunJoong said he will remember this sentence. And said '我爱你们' again. After this is the cake making session. 3 fans will be selected to win the specially design cake from HyunJoong. It's idea is originated from HyunJoong because he thinks that this is the best way to interact with fans.

Oppa said he will bring all fans present back to Korea, and will examine them 1 by 1

Fan asked HyunJoong whether he had seen the skull cup she gave him yesterday. Oppa said all the presents will be packed and send back to Korea, he will check on them once returning and he have not look at them yet now~ But he will not bluff fans that he had saw it before he check on it.

Oppa take a look at the cake ingredient and said, the ingredients are not so good. The MC said, you can mix the previous ingredients together. Oppa said he didn't use Peking duck as ingredient in Beijing is because Peking duck doesn't match with cake. Oppa~ then what about previous dumpling cake, sweet and sour cake, xiaolongbao cake?

BTW.... one of the ingredient for cake tonight is Peking duck. kekeke~

Oppa asked everybody whether they saw the big promo poster outside? Everybody answer yes. Oppa said after finished taking that photo, there should have no used for the ear ring, so should give it to fans. Everybody screammmm... MC said this fan is very lucky. Everybody get 1 ring, but she gets a pair of ear rings. Oppa said because the colour of the ear ring is same as the cake do not eat it accidentally. Oppa is so caring. [

The 2nd fan named Danssy. Oppa said her name is dancing. Said she look like a dancing king and looks like good in dancing.

Oppa said today is the last stop, the 2nd person get a signature, the 3rd person get a pair of ear rings, but the 1st person's is too simple, so will sign for her!!!

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