Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Birthday,My Only One, Kim Hyun Joong


This year has come again, and wow, how time flies! Another year had been added to our UZoosin's fruitful life.

I have been very lucky to have been able to spend 3 birthdays of Kim Hyun Joong with the blog and for that.

Personally, I am already at lost for words on what to say as practically, everybody had said the words to say already.

But, it may sound a repeated cliche already, but, I will always wish you, Kim Hyun Joong, ALL THE BEST IN YOUR LIFE. It had been pretty stressful living in your life, but, it is also the place where you had been the happiest, and in return, we had been happiest too. You have practically matured in the long run, and as you grew, it felt great that your real and loyal fans have somehow grew with you, and that makes you more, a greater star.

Yes, we love you, because you're just so damn drop dead gorgeous, handsome, cute, and (super!) hot human being. But come to think of it, all that, are still an understatement. Because once we start loving you, there's more to you, than the pretty face. I cant really explain. But its that noun, or maybe an adjective, or a verb, that, explains why were here, that when we start being a fan of yours, it just starts getting addicting.

I hope you continue to be the great person that you are. And I am pretty sure you will get to the place where you want to be, because you are such a talented and passionate individual. Forever, I will be here. Supporting you, from afar.

I remember you hoping, at your fanmeet last year, that you want to be a Kim Hyun Joong, whose fans will not be criticized because we are your fans. Well, dont worry, I can never be proud that I am your fan, and you are MY KIM HYUN JOONG.

Love yourself, and dont worry, you can also rest. We know you love pandas. But we dont really want to see a panda Hyun Joong ok? ^^ Dont worry, we are always here!

Im not even sure if this message will get to you,considering its straight english, but anyway, it still feels great greeting you.^^

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kim Hyun Joong! You will always be, my only LUCKY GUY.! Saranghae, oppa! ^^


  1. i like panda, and khj is so cute while the panda hat is on him :)
    ... but sure the panda eyes would not match with his angel face, haha ^^
    take good care of yourself, dear.
    we are happy to know you are working hard, but we also want to hear you are playing once for a while.
    happy birthday!!
    May all your wishes come true!! we love you (^J^)

  2. Nice message Kath! Hope he gets to read this...

  3. Happy Birthday dear oppa. that heaven bless you and have the happiness you deserve. I love you.

  4. well said!!! He is a great person for what I've seen so far... I wish one day to meet him in person. I wish him the best of Birthday day and that he continues with his success today and forever!!!


  6. Happy Birthday Hj - wish you all your wishes to fulfill! lots of love!

  7. Thank you for all our hard work Kathy. Keeping a blog (specially for so long) is pretty time consuming and can only be done with a lot of love, passion, and dedication. I hope your message gets read by our beloved Kim Hyun Joong - Note: If he greets all his fans in their own language when he visits their countries and he says he wants to conquer the world, it is obvious that he will need to speak English at some point, right? ...and knowing him, he's already studying hard to speak it if not flawlessly, at least pretty darn good so I'm sure these messages will get to him somehow. :-)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYUN JOONG!!! May God grant you many more and shower you with overflowing blessings! xoxo.

  8. Well done kat-kat! truly Kim Hyun Joong is one of a kind! Such a blessing knowing him!

  9. well said kathy....wish Kim Hyun Joong all the best for everything he worked hard for & more success in everything he do....Happy birthday!