Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CITY CONQUEST Female Lead, Finally Confirmed

So this news came out this morning but I had no time to post or even react about it over at twitter.

Anyway, I have heard the girl was from Rooftop Prince, Yoochun's succesful drama. But after that, I dont know anything else. LOL.

What do I feel? Honestly, I dont feel much. Let's just see! But oh well, you all know I still love PK right? I still have to move on. hehe

Here's some tidbits CREDITS to http://liezle.blogspot.com/

First to be revealed to be one of the casts in the upcoming drama of Kim Hyun Joong 'City Conquest' is Nam Gung Min, as Cha Ji-ryong followed by Kim Seung Woo as Baek Seung Hyun (father of Baek Mi Reu played by Hyun Joong).

Today, the female lead for the upcoming drama according to the representative of Neos Entertainment  is the 28 years old  Jung Yu Mi who will be  playing the role of Lee Dan Bi, a jewelry designer.

Jung Yu Mi was earlier seen in the 20 episodes 'Rooftop Prince' with Park Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min. She played the role of Hong Se Na. 

In 'Rooftop Prince', I really detest Jung Yu Mi's character. For me  I find her acting 'so-so' and her fashion not that favorable. Compared to her appearance in Joseon time as the Crown Princess, she is more beautiful in period costumes.

Anyway, I hope that her role in 'City Conquest' will be a breakthrough for her.


  1. I'm hoping for Yoon Eun Hye, Park Shin Hye, or Han Hyo Joo (Dong Yi)... but... oh well let's see.
    Sorry cuz.. I'm still mad at her cuz of her role in Rooftop Prince.

    1. Me to, i always hoping for senior actress like yoon eun hye, kim tae hee, song hye kyo...but let's see. Hope the best 4 this drama.


  3. i am hoping that it will be jung so min but i have to accept it...it is really hard for me to get over their team up in PK...i so love them (KIM HYUN JOONG and JUNG SO MIN) i am really praying and hoping for the season 2 of PK....please....

    1. I love the Playul Kiss team too, but its impossible for them to reunite for a second season. Korean drama industry just doesnt work that way.

      This girl is a good actress. I hope she does great in this drama!

  4. what to do I don't like her
    hope that hatred she got from RTP
    won't affect this drama :(

  5. very true that coz of RTP, many will not like her. if i cud choose i want princess lee jae shin fr. King 2 Hearts. but sorry...hehe

  6. Why o why is she....i'd still hope no other than our jung so min...but kathy's right...we need to move on...let's wait and see if she has good chemistry with hj...give her a chance....anyway its work ONLY....hyunmin for real and forever...

  7. I kind of hope for Han Hyo Joo..since HJ once said he want to work with her.
    but yes...Thank god...a new girl for HJ !
    actually I don't care much about all the HJ's lead ladies .I'm only for HJ.
    I just hope for Hyun Joong and City Conquest's successful.

  8. yeah i'm still not that fond of her due to her character in rooftop prince but i'm going to try and put those feelings aside and see how she does in this drama :D