Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong startled the public (金賢重受驚捐公益)

Original link: http://beta.n.yam.com/chinatimes/entertain/20120520/20120520473802.html (May 20, 2012) 
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Kim Hyun Joong, exuding affable and charm, held his 2nd Taiwan Fan meeting yesterday. There were not only fans who dressed up in a wedding dress wanting to present herself as a birthday present to him, there was also a 70 year old grandmother who flew all the way from the United States. This grandmother gave him $3000USD (about $90,000NT) in a red packet. Hyun Joong was shocked and didn’t want to receive the gift but was told that it would be bad luck, hence accepted the gift reluctantly but will be donating it.

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