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[Info] Useful Informations for Henecians Attending KHJ Asia Fan Meetings

To those going to Singapore, have fun everyone! Wish I was there too to meet everyone!

Credit: http://onlykhjtimes.blogspot.com

When the fanmeet stops of Asia Tour 2012 were announced, many of us in OKT got busy looking at which were the venues that we could go, which was the nearest, the most convenient for us.Our members are scattered in about 12 countries = some in Asia, some not.

Many of us do not have a FM in our home country but we didn’t waste time lamenting about why a FM was not held in our home country.

Maybe that is not our way. After all, we all live in a world now that supposedly everyone can fly. Erm, I mean there are some cheap flights. (Thank goodness for the flourishing budget airline industry!)
So instead, we planned, we discussed, and we pulled strings. We got friends and friends of friends to help in booking tickets, hotel recommendations and voila!

About 12 of us are going to going to the FMs in Hong Kong, in Singapore, in Taiwan. To save money, many of us are sharing rooms.

Many of us have never met each other at all…so it is a meeting of dongsaengs and eonnis who have come to know each other over the last 1 year, all through our love of KHJ.

The point of the little story above is merely this: we understand that some of you out there who are from other countries may be vacillating about whether to go for HJ’s overseas fanmeets or not because none is held in your home country.

You may have a partner to go with you, you may not.You may worry about visiting a foreign place all by yourself.You may be thinking about waiting for the world tour that HJ had mentioned some time ago.
Some of our members had the same worries, as not all 12 are going to all locations. But we remembered something important: ‘Life is just ONE shot’. Don’t live with regrets. You never know what tomorrow brings.

The reason why many of us in OKT rushed to get tickets to see HJ is because not all our members have seen HJ in person and many are done with waiting for others to tell them how wonderful HJ is. They are impatient to see for themselves.

They want the real thing. They are tired of shouting ‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you’ online, in twitters, on blogs.
And they want to tell him personally, to shout aloud with the rest of Henecia and Triple S out there…the one word that’s resounding in our hearts all along: Kim Hyun Joong, hwaiting!

But we understand how you feel as you dither about whether to go for the FM or not. In view of the possible difficulties you think you will face, in view of some of the worries that you may have in your heart, we want to let you know that all of us here in OKT will try our best to help you out. Be it in ticketing, hunting down reasonably-priced accommodation, or helping you find your way to the FM venue.

Some of our members will be at the Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong meets. We are a network of friends who work in support of HJ. So please do not be shy to talk to us if you need help. You only need to ask. Our email is: onlykhjtimes[@]gmail.com.

Oh, and if any of you out there may have somehow been misinformed by irresponsible parties that it is just a FM and not worth the price, well, HJ is going to be bringing a crew of over 40 people to give his fans what may amount to a full-concert experience.

In the two-hour FM, there will be 14 songs, a lucky draw for 500 fans to go on stage and hi-5 with him, and HJ is personally preparing mystery gifts for his fans as this post is written.He will sing, he will dance; he will talk, he will laugh, and he will share stories with us.

To many of us who had been to numerous supposedly full-scale concerts, we are actually THANKFUL that this is not like other full-scale concerts. BECAUSE IT IS WAY BETTER. Hehe.

还记得2012年1月21日韩国Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting
真爱不负等待,Henecia & TS们终于迎来了这一刻
据金贤重所属公司KEYEAST 於20日与enews见面表示这次FM,金贤重会表演 14首左右的歌,
这是我们Henecia & TS的盛会,这是属于我们Henecia & TS的节日,你怎么可以错过呢
所以请带着你的热情和真心去赴宴吧,…..一起去见证金贤重给我们的承诺~~~报以更热情的应援,让贤重看到我们满满的热情,让我们为他撑起只属于他的那一片绿海 !!
Meanwhile, we have prepared some information/links that you may need if you’re travelling to Singapore, Taiwan or Hong Kong. Hope you will find them useful.
亲爱的粉丝门, 如果你门可以前往金贤重FM, 欢迎你上网订购 :

Singapore ticketing link (新加玻网上订购) www.sistic.com.sg

pic2.jpg (770×347)

Briefly about the Singapore FM venue

Singapore’s public transport is well-connected. So this MRT + LRT system map is good to have + know.

More importantly, it’s just a 5-min walk from Stadium MRT station to the venue, Indoor Stadium
Some reasonably priced hotels in Singapore that you may want to look at:
Fragrance Hotel – Riverside
V Hotel Lavender

Hong Kong ticketing link (香港网上订购) www.hkticketing.com/eng/
How to get to the Asia World Expo Arena: http://www.asiaworld-expo.com.hk/html/zh/UsefulInfo/TransportationByLand.html

How to get to the venue, if you’re coming right from the airport.
If you’er staying overnight, here’s a reasonably priced hotel that you may want to look at: Holiday Inn Express Causeway Bay HongKong

Taiwan ticketing link: 台灣网上订购 www.ticket.com.tw/dm.asp?P1=0000013147

Point A is the venue, the NTU Sports Centre, 3F. Point B is a reasonably priced hotel in Taipei, some 10 minutes away from the FM venue: Leader Hotel, Taipei

Once again, should you have any enquiries or if you need any help, email us: onlykhjtimes[@]gmail.com. We will try our best to help you. 如果你需要任何协助, 请联络  onlykhjtimes[@]gmail.com. 我门会尽我门能力帮助你…



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