Friday, April 27, 2012

[Info] Hyun Joong Voted No. 1 Idol that Will Heal Your Heart. Who’s Yours?

Credit: hotshotlover30 @ Soompi.com

Between April 9 and 15, music site Monkey3 ran a poll asking fans to vote for an idol that would heal your heart just by looking at him/her. 1,953 netizens participated in the survey, and an overwhelming number of them voted Kim Hyun Joong no. 1 as their “healing-dol.”

Kim Hyun Joong won by a landslide, taking home 1,044 votes (53%). Those who voted for the singer actor explained, “Just looking at him makes me happy,” “When I see Kim Hyun Joong, my heart warms up, and I feel consoled,” “Both my eyes and heart are happy,” “There’s just no explanation needed. It’s Kim Hyun Joong,” and more.

CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa took home the second, while IU, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, miss A’s Suzy, and Wonder Girls’ Sohee followed.

What about Soompiers? Which idol star would you choose as your “healing-dol?”

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  1. I had a wonderful dream about him last night. I can tell you for sure that when I woke up this morning, I definitely felt my heart swell with happiness even if it wasn't real. He just has that kind of natural beauty where he lights up the world. This doesn't surprise me at all :D