Tuesday, March 20, 2012

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Gift's Donated As Aid to the children on Japan

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Aid to the children in the disaster-hit region from Hyun Joong:
We inform you that some of the gifts Hyun Joong ssi received from all of you on the
occasion of his Japan Debut as solo artist, were donated to the children living in the
disaster-hit region ( * North East Earthquake in March 11, 2011 ) based on his idea.

As you know, he has been very active in giving his support to the children. He worried
about the fact that the foster homes in the disaster-hit regions were facing with shortage
of living necessaries, and therefore many children had to live with the very limited
suppy for their daily needs. He strongly requested us to deliver snacks, toys to
these children.

Taking this opportunity, we are are pleased to inform you that with the support from
Second Harvest Japan, we delivered the gifts from you to the foster homes in Ohfunato
City (the most disaster-hit region in Iwate Prefecture) as well as Restoration Event of Ohfunato.

Henecia Japan


  1. leader, you did a good job.
    i am sure all the fans will understand you & support your ideas.
    the fans sent you gifts to show their love to you. you receive the love and spread the love to the one in needs. that is so kind & thoughtful deed.
    we are proud of you because you are always thinking the others & help them with what you have.
    thanks for letting us know. love you leader :)

  2. the fans will never think of their gifts can be as the charity purpose & help someone else.
    <<<<<< thanks to this loving ambassador, their love now have developed great value to the kids :)
    thanks dear all!

  3. hyun joong is a artist with a warm & kind heart. he is always thinking of the others and have a way to help them. that is why he is the right one to be the great AMBASSADOR.
    he will help people on the best of he can and spread the love to the world.
    love this caring boy ^^

  4. wow leader is awesome we will always love YOU !!!! HENECIAS fighting !!!!!!