Monday, March 26, 2012

(Photos) Kim Hyun Joong's Awesome Photos from TGC FASHION FESTIVAL by AHLIA

I think I have used a lot of adjectives already to describe how awesome he is!

Credit: blog.daum.net/a-hlia

122 E20474 F6 F38 CB148487

134 FED4 F4 F6 F38 CF05 A392

143 AD9474 F6 F38 C9021432

201 E76474 F6 F38 D02 BB105

1117 C5474 F6 F38 CA35 E5 FC

1233 CA474 F6 F38 CA0 C1649

1319 C2474 F6 F38 D133 CD40

1626 FB474 F6 F38 C9234 A02

14269 F474 F6 F38 C82 EA161

15313 E474 F6 F38 CF102620

17370 C4 F4 F6 F38 CC195 C6 C

18448 C4 F4 F6 F38 CD13 FB5 C

19516 A4 F4 F6 F38 CC027474

1735414 F4 F6 F38 CE31 F63 B

1740964 F4 F6 F38 CD1 B80 F8

141592474 F6 F38 D237 A049

183982474 F6 F38 CB04 BBA4

193999474 F6 F38 D00496 BA

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