Monday, March 19, 2012

Full Translation of Hyun Joongs Message on His Website!

Thanks for the trans dear Alice:)

Source: Hyun-Joong.com
Translation: Wonderrrgirl
I don’t know if I’m living well, for I don’t have any work overseas… but I’m having a busy life ^^
Should I leap one more level up??
I was thinking about how I haven’t been able to upload anything during White Day ^^;;; Sorry Sorry
You celebrated it well still right?????????
I have not shown myself for 1 month,
it has been really boring……^^ Even so I’m not resting, I’m doing some work now so don’t misunderstand.
I’m having a rest day so I’m at home, reading the books that I’ve not reading, watching a lot of dramas and listening to many dramas.
It’s really not like me, so it’s a really strange and unfamiliar side of myself kekeke
At 12, I slept for 1 hour… keke this is also not a normal side of me but everyone when you’re resting, try thinking about your future for a while.
Rearranging your thoughts and life, after rearranging my thoughts, once again I’ve made some great plans so I’m going to try having a good rest kekekekekekekekeke
The weather has cleared up so I’ve just came back from letting myself be exposed to the fresh air, and now I’m just feeling lonely?????? keke Because I’m bored????? I’m just writing a few lines ^^;;;;
Anyway I’m sorry sorry for not giving anything during White Day ㅠㅠ Next year I’ll definitely prepare something. Since it’s already over now I won’t upload anything ^^ hehehehehehehehehehehe
It’s not autumn sentimentalism but am I getting spring fever -.-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


  1. haha!! spring emo fever. =)

  2. i feel like reading a love letter from him....LOL...the intonation of his message is as cute as a messager....hehehe

  3. that is the cute side of our leader, although i could say, "leader you have us." but instead i hope leader you will have the one you love by your side to spend the special white day next year.
    still love you, hj leader :)

  4. leader, of cause you live well :)
    you had a rich white day cauz you did something but before not time for it.
    but i guess it would be more memorable if your would have someone to spend the day together & do something you two have planed ahead.
    fighting leader!!

  5. we know you are on running leader. you mind was busier even you body was officially have a vacation on that day (~.^)
    but i am happy you were at least to put your feet babies up for a day :)

  6. leader, what is "spring fever" ?! O.o
    how is the symptom ?!
    myself i feel i have caught the lovesick :(
    haha, just kidding ~~ but i am glad you are still joking around. that means you are doing well :)
    can not wait to know what's the great plan you have came up during your special off day :)
    miss you leader, take care!

  7. keke, hyun joong must miss us alot......
    we miss you very very much too. come back soon, please #___#