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Japanese Playful Kiss Booklet Interview-Translations & Scans

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Credit: credit:yao贤  from Baidu HyunMin Bar
tlbpc of Minjoong thread from soompi for the translations

Japanese Playful Kiss Booklet Interview:

Journalist: Which scene in the TV drama is the most impressive?
MM: The kiss in the rain scene because the kissing scenes earlier were just lightly touching whereas this scene is a real kiss but my stomach is making me feel unwell that day so that’s how the shooting was done. But later when I watch the replay it turned out to be so strong and affectionate, I was also taken aback (laugh).  I was quite worried about the kiss because of my physical condition but then during the filming I really completely forgotten about not feeling well (laugh).

J: Which kiss in the TV drama is the most impressive?

HJ: The kiss in the rain, it was actually very cold on that day so I was a little worried that it will affect the filming but with Ms Jung So Min who acted as Ha Ni in the drama, acting with her had reached a very familiar stage, so acting that wasn’t a very big problem.  (Emphasized) At the beginning there was some unfamiliarity but since there were so many scenes together so our understanding with each other got better and better!

J:  Which subjects are you best at in your school days?  

MM: Sports and Japanese.  I have no problem with basic Japanese; I still watch original version of the Japanese TV drama and movies.  That’s originally when I was thinking of going to Japan I would know some Japanese, at least I wouldn’t be starved to death (laugh).

J: Which are your favourite subjects in your school days?  

HJ: Sociology and history.  In the drama, BSJ is able to easily solve some very difficult mathematical problems, that’s just acting like as if I really know (laugh).

J: What else are you good at in real life? 
HJ: I can cook, I can cook some very delicious food (emphasized).  But because I live alone most of the time I get to eat out more.  Only when I want to eat alone at home then I’d cook.  I have cook beef with rice, other than that I can also cook pork chop rice.  It was when I came out to live by myself then I started to cook, I would watch some cooking TV programmes and write it down.  Till now I would still watch cooking programmes (laugh).

J: In the drama BSJ is a varied person, like he was very friendly to friends but very cold towards Ha Ni.  In real life how are you like?

HJ: In real life I’m definitely not as cold as BSJ (laugh).

J: Then at times you would also tease or bully a little the people you like, you agree on this? 

HJ: In the drama, BSJ bully and tease Ha Ni, this kind of feelings I can understand.  When I was young I would also like to play mischievously with those that I like.  I remember I used to take advantage of the one who sat next to me in class, I drew a line on the table and set the rule that if anything cross over the line will belong to me.

J: Are there any happy scenes that leave a more deep impression? 

MM: It’s the last scene on the bed with BSJ teasing each other.  That was a very deep impression scene, that scene seems like an impromptu one with Hyun Joong, it was done in an extremely tacit way, very delightful very happy (laugh).

J: I remember you seem to have said that you feel very lonely at the end of the shooting didn’t you?  

MM:  Yes, during the filming I was wearing the wedding ring, when suddenly the moment it has to be taken off I felt a little strange, an indescribable mood.  When the TV drama has completed the filming I really had a lonely feeling, it was just like the feeling of a divorce (laugh)

J: So at that moment did you have the impulse of wanting to get married?  

MM: Ha Ni got married when she was very young, also she lived a happily married life, at that moment I did think that if I get married will I also be very happy. When I want to get married I think I want to have 3 kids so I think of getting married at the age of 20 something would be just right (laugh).



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