Thursday, February 16, 2012

(Article) Kim Hyun Joong… FAN NETWORKS

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Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity continues to snowball until at this time that he’s in silent mode!! Meaning he’s resting from exposure after his successful trip in Japan. In my other articles particularly Secret to Success, I have mentioned that the 4th factor within Hyun Joong’s success is his fan network. And who are these people? Well, most of them are the once making noise at the internet to vote for Kim Hyun Joong!!! Oh many thanks to their noise I honestly enjoyed, that brought Hyun Joong up there at MAMA, that I will never forget! Other than the fact that Hyun Joong truly deserves all the awards he had received in 2011. He’s actually more than deserving than any other artists, that I’m very proud for being his fan.

At this point around, I think it’s time to name names. In May 2011 Kim Hyun Joong had officially name his first Fan club as solo singer, in preparation to his come back stage in June 2011. He named them Henecia which is a combination of H and the latin benecia which means blessed. Hyun Joong made Henecia as his official fan club and they support only one Kim Hyun Joong. And there’s the Triple S which is a fan club of SS501, and still remain to be loyal to the five members individually. And quite recently I found another fan club the Kim Hyun Joong Perfect. Although honestly, I’m not so familiar with the fan club and still on the process of researching about the different groups. But I believe these three fan clubs have different international home base.

Anyway, my objective in writing this article about the fan club of Hyun Joong is for the new fans to recognize the different fan clubs that Hyun Joong has. If there may be others fan clubs that I did not mention, please forgive me. So far these three groups Henecia, Triple S and KHJ Perfect were the once I normally see from banners every time Hyun Joong is on event exposure and a bit familiar with. Hyun Joong never fail to mention them every time he has a chance. I remember in one of his interviews, Hyun Joong was asked, what is the most touching for you about your fans? Hyun Joong replied “Some of my fans would apologize to me if I don’t make it to the top, and I would tell them it’s alright, it’s not your fault.”

As I always say, I’m a new fan of Hyun Joong, I don’t belong to any fan club, but I felt a pinch in my heart when Hyun Joong was relating this. And as time flies, the more I could see Hyun Joong’s fans affection to him. Every time Hyun Joong is at the airport, there’s always a bunch fans who would just hand him letters and presents, since it’s the airport which is the best chance for any fan to approach him. And I find them really thoughtful. There’s always a connection between Hyun Joong and his fans that I couldn’t explain, or maybe his natural thoughtfulness too that made them drawn to him. Another thing I admire from Hyun Joong is that, he doesn’t single out any of the groups or individual. He embraces his fans in general.

During the time MAMA conducted a voting poll, this was when I witness a strong unity among the fans either in a group or individual. I could feel how busy Hyun Joong’s fans were through the internet, the movements at twitter was rather fast and updates kept coming in everything was about MAMA. I’m sure everyone of them has a story to tell during that time, since I was just an observer at the net. I could feel an entire unity among the fans and as Hyun Joong has the strong determination to solidify his status as a solo singer, is just the same with his fans having a collective determination for Hyun Joong to be awarded as Best Male Artist.

I can not forget that, every time an entry of another contender below Hyun Joong’s rank would go up even just for a few votes, I could feel the commotion among the fans!! Gosh I was just right here in front of my monitor observing, but honestly I got carried away by the net movements!! It’s is just so remarkable.

And when finally Hyun Joong made it, The Best Solo Male Artist, can’t help to get teary eyes and I felt how his fans worked so hard to bring him up to the best award he could get. It was indeed a touching moment for me not only with the award and recognition that Hyun Joong received, but also the unity of his fans was tremendous. And that was why I included this particular event in my article Memory 2011 as one of the unforgettable about Hyun Joong. It was a very memorable year for any fan of Kim Hyun Joong. Everyone was excited to watch the ceremony which was held in Singapore, and of course every fan was truly proud seeing Hyun Joong received the award and of course his spectacular performance of Lucky Guy had rocked the venue as everyone enjoyed the show.

And then came Yahoo Asia Buzz in December 2011, Hyun Joong took home four trophies for Best Male Artist. The same thing transpired, voting polls were opened prior to the event, twitter was quite busy again. And then the first time I tried voting, I found that Yahoo Buzz were all written in Chinese character and since it was my first time to vote, the voting system was not as easy and friendly as voting at MAMA. I honestly got irritated because I wanted to vote, then one fan from twitter was kind enough to help me out. I was truly thankful  to her I was able to cast my vote!!

For some reasons I find Hyun Joong’s fans to be accommodating and matured in dealing with Hyun Joong’s critics, which I find a lot of them at Youtube and Dramabeans!! Aigoo!!! I appreciate Hyun Joong’s fans for their efforts of getting out of their way in actively posting reliable updates. I’m pertaining to Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog and Kathy’s Bench, they are my morning coffee mates!! Because this is where I get updates about Hyun Joong, and write my thoughts about the updates. Writing about Hyun Joong is my everyday joy of looking forward on just about anything.

As Hyun Joong’s fans continue to snowball, I cross my fingers that he’ll be nominated again this year for MAMA, Yahoo and whatever Awards there may be, then it will be an exciting event again, but this time his fan network would be bigger. Isn’t that exciting, the more the merrier!!! It will be another history on Hyun Joong’s career life having his fans at his side all the time. If Hyun Joong is so contagious, I bet you, and so with his fans!!! They are as contagious as the germ Hyun Joong had in Japan!!

Kim Hyun Joong create memories, that every single fan can keep in their hearts. As he always say “I’ll work hard to keep your interest”……How can you forget a guy like him??   Well, he’s simply himself…………..Kim Hyun Joong.  This is LazerKim writing, thanks.


  1. I like your writing.. so touching.. thank you.. i declare myself as henecian and triple S proudly..


  3. Very nice article. ^^ However, KHJPerfect is the 1st Kim Hyun Joong fanbase since before he debuted as SS501 back in 2004. And I also belive they are Henecia & TripleS. Since they were with Hyun Joong from the very start, KE wrote them an introductory email when Hyun Joong moved to KE. They're the great supporter that always come right to protect Hyun Joong. (If you remember the incident about HJ & the former Korean President) ^_^

  4. Well written article. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. Like you, I'm a new fan of KHJ and also noticed the solid dedication and love poured by the fans to him.

  5. Great read!

    I too am a new Kim Hyun Joong fan. Little by little I get to know more about him and I can see why he is love by the fans. He is simply himself and a guy with a HUGE heart. I too voted for the first time and got help by a twitter friend. My wish for him is that he is happy always.


  6. thanks for your article, love to read it, it brought the memories back in 2011 relating to leader.
    i am a new fans, i am sure there are many new ones coming daily. we love him just as any of his loyal fans. we show our supports through buying his albums , voting, watching his MVs , read his articles & news ......
    i am just happy i got the chance to know & love him. long team or short team ... they are all precious to all his fans.
    his life dream career is on going, he will attractive unlimited new fans to his side in the future. they with the fans he already have will together support him to achieve many many of his goals ......

  7. great writing, we can feel your love and support through the words in the article.
    thanks all the love the fans sending to leader, looking forward to leader's coming awesome works.

  8. Good essay and nice to see how pro-KHJ you are! Don't be too harsh with Dramabeans - there are many of us regulars over there who are staunchly KHJ fans and periodically 'fangirl' over him! :)

  9. great article, from khjL's fans :)
    thanks Kathy, LazerKim , and others who have been working hard to update leader's activities despite everyone is busy with work, study or families.
    thank you, i hope there will be an article a day from leader's fans, i enjoy this one :)

  10. thank you for sharing it with us, love it :)
    hope leader will receive more and more love ......
    leader we love you.

  11. i am touched by leader's word "I’ll work hard to keep your interest”. he says it with action and gives us surprise from time to time.
    it is the man's words, he would not easily promise anything but he keeps his words and shows in actual deeds once he sends out the message to his fans.
    that is our leader, kim hyun joong. we love you ~~

  12. great article, thank you for sharing.
    leader is the reason we got to know so many lovely fans.
    thanks to our dear hyun joong leader, looking forward to his new projects.
    fighting leader !!