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Wonderrgirl's Interesting Fan Account from Kim Hyun Joong's 2012 Seoul Fan Meeting

I so love every single bit of this fan account from wonderrgirl especially the bit about Art and Matic!

And I hope I can go at Seoul too and meet other fans just like her and her friends... ^^

Credit: http://wonderrrgirl.wordpress.com/

2012 KIM HYUN JOONG’s fanmeeting in Seoul! I have enjoyed it very much indeed ^^ It was also amazing that I could return to Seoul again to attend this in such a short time. In fact, the gap between my previous trip and this one is less than 10 days. Thankful that I could return and had such a good time with everyone.

I arrived at the venue at about 11am with Ahlia. We were slightly late, which is mostly my fault since I woke up late, but Ahlia didn’t wake me up either sigh!! HAHA!

We had a huge basket of flowers for Hyun Joong and some champagne prepared. Grateful to the KEYEAST staff for coming down specifically to take it up to Hyun Joong’s waiting room ^^ There is only a few words on the message written for HJ (Not counting some of my friends’ individual letters of course): Enjoy yourself with the fans today. Personally, this is my only wish for Hyun Joong on that day, so I have suggested this very simple message to be written.

Afterwards, thanks to the help of Hong Kong and Japanese fans, we managed to buy our merchandises. The queue is incredibly long, but most of them are Japanese fans who came with the special tour which I heard is very very expensive. Still, it seems like the high cost didn’t stop about 2000 Japanese fans from coming along with this tour, where they will also get to attend a special Lotte DFS High-Touch event with Hyun Joong earlier in the afternoon.

As always, HJ’s fan meet is like an international gathering, because of fans from all over the world coming to attend this special event. Ahlia and I spent the entire day greeting different people almost endlessly. I am really happy to meet some of my friends again! I am also very thankful to new friends that I’ve made, and the fans who came up to say hello, and told me they have been reading my blog or have been following me on twitter all this while.

There were especially a lot of Japanese fans, which is a great pity how I couldn’t communicate well with them. I actually considered for the first time in so long whether if I should invest some time to learn some Japanese….. Still despite the difficulty of communicate, I think we managed it well!

To Japanese fans whom I’ve met that day: 本当にありがとうございます!!!  (I used google translator, hopefully it’s correct! Japanese is the only language I cannot speak at all, so I hope that when they read this they will receive the gratitude that I cannot convey properly to them.

Honestly, even though there are language barriers here and there, somehow when it comes to Hyun Joong it is just not impossible to communicate, no matter how little English/korean they know, and how little Japanese I know.I witnessed how a Japanese fan tried to give Ahlia her own ticket, which is the very FIRST row, around the centre seats, even though she can’t speak Korean or English, I am really amazed that there are fans who can do even that! Anyway, Ahlia could not accept such an offer of course… which is alright as well because the front rows are really for fans who are here to enjoy the fan meet (Like me!) Ahlia wants to take photos so she couldn’t be very near the stage, otherwise it will be impossible to take any, with those guards gawking at them.

Thanks to my friend Nakano for the 1st Japanese Tour magazine, so glad that I managed to find her and return her the glasses which she left in Jaksal about a month ago!

Oh, and thank you to Elley님’s friend, Malinet님 for this present! 本当にありがとうございます!!!

After the fan meet, the crowd is really bad so there isn’t a chance for us to meet again, but I hope that the tickets we gave them have allowed them to enjoy the fan meet properly ^^ I met Elley and Malinet at Ilsan Jaksal a day before the fan meet actually, it was really good to see them again! 


The fan meet was just awesome, with Hyun Joong singing so many songs and him being in such a good mood that day.

The best thing is Hyun Joong bringing his lovely dogs to the stage to meet the fans – dearest Art & Matic! I have a friend who has dogs studying in the same school as Art and Matic (Art and Matic’s schoolmates) , and I heard that the two dogs are being brought out by the staff today… so we were wondering if Hyun Joong just want to see the dogs after the fanmeet or if he intend to somehow bring it on stage. Even so I was surprised to see the dogs really coming up to greet the fans, because my impression of them is that Art and Matic are very hyper and difficult to control… not ideal to be brought on stage where they have to face sudden flashes and screaming from an audience. I guess they are better trained now!

I have a special liking for Matic though, because Matic is just beautiful, with his smooth and lean black fur and his intelligent eyes. Art looks sadder and her fur is different. But Ahlia likes Art more, because she thinks Art’s personality is more like Hyun Joong – Even though Art likes humans, she doesn’t get close to or listen to commands easily (not that she is naughty, but that she has ‘personality’ in a way). This is also why Hyun Joong only try commanding Matic because only Matic will listen obediently, but Art is a little harder. Check out the fan cams! Matic didn’t do one of the steps properly and Hyun Joong isn’t satisfied, so he asked Matic to do it again. Ah cute!

Because of our friend whose dogs are also Art/Matic’s doggy friends, we have long heard of Art and Matic’s relationship, how Matic loves Art but Art is so far not interested in that manner….

Poor Matic! Matic is deeply in love with Art, yet Art only has eyes for her beloved owner, Hyun Joong…..

(Photo Credit: 풍월 from www.cafe.naver.com/meetkhj [우현리])

This picture is taken by 풍월unnie. She was with us yesterday for dinner, together with Ahlia, my friends from Singapore, nomad, and we were discussing about this photo – about how cute their love triangle is! Matic looking at Art with love, Art looking at Hyun Joong with love and Hyun Joong…….? ^^

By the way, Hyun Joong mentioned that day (1st Jan when he signed the signatures for me) that Art also seldom show as much love in terms of ‘action’ to him as compared to Matic, who is always loving and warm towards him. He said this with a ㅠㅠ expression ^^ cute owner, cute dogs! I am certain from this picture that Art loves Hyun Joong, just in her own indifferent way ^^  After Ahlia mentioned how much Art resembles him, I strangely start to see some of their resemblance now.

However, we should also hope that Art remains uninterested in Matic, because if she ever likes him back in that way, the two of them will not be able to live together…. (I heard from a friend who knows a lot about dogs, she said that this is because if they are born from the same mother, it is unwise to allow them to breed puppies) So I guess this must also be why Hyun Joong told Matic to ‘don’t love her… don’t love her’ (사랑하지 마…사랑하지 마…), when Matic kept on following Art. ^^;;;

I guess as for the other parts of the fan meet, all of you would have already read the live updates, other accounts and fan cams as well!

I personally feel that the fan meet was great because Hyun Joong seems relaxed and happy, which is the most important thing. He sang LOVE despite saying he won’t sing it again after Japan tour, but he mentioned that because many fans still want to hear it. He also sang ‘I’m your man’, the first time he sang this, so we are all very lucky to hear it live for the first time!

Hyun Joong is clearly unfamiliar with the song ‘I’m your man’ though, because unlike the other songs, I can feel his uncertainty when he sang it (His openings are a split second off at first – not sure if other fans have noticed… I was a musician in wind orchestras in the past, so I was trained to be extra sensitive about such things. It sounded fine, but to me I can feel uncertainty in it, unlike how he performed his other songs.), but I can also feel that he is not so bothered and just want to enjoy himself with the fans, so later on it became quite natural.

Hyun Joong’s voice has improved beyond recognition actually. If it was in the past, he could never have sang live in this manner. Anyway, I think we have heard some of his live singing of ‘Thank You’ before, back in 2007 or 2008. Compare it with him singing the same song now, it’s just a world of difference. I love his voice so much, not that he is really particularly good, but it is just comfortable hearing his voice. Ahlia says that she likes Hyun Joong’s voice because his voice is carries a lot of emotions and sadness. I think she likes people (and dogs) with sad faces and sad voices. (She told me she likes Tony Leung the Hong Kong actor (one of the 4 heavenly kings?) because he has a sad expression! -.-)

After the fan meet, four Japanese friends, a taiwanese, us Singaporeans and Ahlia went to have dinner together… it was an interesting mix of different people of different nationalities. Thankfully the taiwanese fan (Ahlia’s good friend) can speak Japanese, so it became easier since she can also speak some Korean. Afterwards we all went home and have fun playing Hwa-tu until 430am in the morning.

Hyun Joong’s fanmeet in Seoul has come to an end….May more great things come for Hyun Joong in the year 2012! WORLD TOUR!!!! ^^ I can’t wait!


  1. great all the fans & you enjoy it.
    we love it too, although we do not gain the chance to attend, but with all the fan-cam & articles. we feel like we were one of the fans there.
    thanks for this great article. we love it so much ^^