Friday, January 27, 2012

(Video) Kim Hyun Joong's KISS KISS Performance at MUSIC STATION


Translation:ONLYKHJTIMES on twitter
(trans of Music Station 20120127)

MC: how do you feel Japan? 
HJ: I've lived in japan for 1 & half year, so I feel comfortable.
MC: ah, i see, where?
HJ: I've lived an mansion near to Tamachi station. 
MC: at Tamachi?! what had you eaten in Tamachi?
HJ:I had gyu-don at a shop, "sukiya" near to Tamachi station. 
MC: wao~! what did you do in japan this time
HJ: I went to a traditional shop in ginza yeaterday. 
MC: what did you buy there? 
HJ: I bought "maneki neko" (beckoning cat)
MC: It's a unique one. what else did you buy? 
HJ: I wanted to buy (or bought? he didn't speak the point clearly.) "fu-rin", wind bell
MC: then please stand-by. 
HJ: thank you. 
Since the videos are down already here is the video in mediafire: 

PASSWORD: khj060686

Video Credits to: wan0606khj on Youtube

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