Friday, December 2, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong’s Agency Denies Casting in New Drama “Speed”

If this is the case... Id rather he not take it anymore...

Credit: http://www.soompi.com/

Contrary to what he said at the 2011 MAMA press conference, Kim Hyun Joong is not confirmed for the lead role in the upcoming TV Chosun drama, “Speed.”

“We did receive an offer for the lead role in ‘Speed,’ but we haven’t finalized our decision yet. It’s just one of the many offers under consideration,” Key East Entertainment said.

Another official from Key East said, “He’s reviewing many offers right now. What he said at the press conference wasn’t meant for a specific TV series, but it was just his way of expressing his intention to return to TV around that time.”

On November 29, Kim Hyun Joong appeared at the 2011 MAMA Press Conference and said his world tour got postponed to late next year because of a new drama he was cast in. “I think I’ll be able to show my acting on TV by next April,” he said at the time.

“Speed” is a drama series produced by TV Chosun, one of the five new TV channels that began broadcasting on December 1. It’s produced by the director of “Iris,” and has been rumored to cast either Kim Hyun Joong, Yoo Ah In, or Lee Jung Jae as the male lead, while SNSD’s Sooyoung is a strong candidate to play the lead female role.


  1. I loved ..... SNSD .....


  3. I'd love to see him star opposite Sooyoung! She's so gorgeous!

  4. Guys, even if you don't like SNSD, because don't hate SooYoung just because she MIGHT work with HyunJoong. Sooyoung is the nicest out of the SNSD girls, she has a heart of gold, and she is a good person too. She has the least number of antis in SNSD for a reason.
    I think the male character of SPEED sound interesting, being cool but stubborn. I'd like to see HyunJoong is a loud role, I think he'd do a good job. I also think he'd have good chemistry with SooYoung, she works well with other.

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  6. i like the fact that sooyoung almost looks pinay :-) i can daydream it's me

  7. Excuse me but "contrary to what he said"? He never said anything specifically except that he was cast in a drama. Everyone else spread the rumor it was the Speed drama.

    I don't care what drama he is in as long as he has a good role and it's something he wants to do.

  8. Reposted from khjgalaxy

    In case you're wondering why KF are so against the drama
    By: candyapple @ Freeboard (hyun-joong.com)

    JongPyun channel is like one of those cable channels that people have to pay out of their pocket to watch
    all the programs including dramas.But, unlike other cable channels, JongPyun channel is politically incorrect meaning
    it is heavily involved in politics for the reasons that Korean citizen wouldn't support. Basically, all the korean citizens
    are against JongPyun channel; therefore, almost no one would buy JongPyun channels to watch drama.

    For those reasons, the experts in Korea predict JongPyun rating to be less than 1%. 1% rating is considered dead
    rating thus it is dead sentence to actors and actresses in Korea.

    All the media that are against JongPyon will victimize celebrities who choose JongPyun drama.
    Certainly, Hyun Joong can't be the exception from that.

    He may not able to come back to national broadcasting channels since most of national channels are aginst
    JongPyun channels. All the celebrities who choose to go to JongPyun are being beaten to dead by Korean netizen
    right now. Again, Hyun Joong can't be the exception from that. He will be beaten to dead by korean netizen just like
    others if he choose JongPyun drama.

    Due to all these reasons, fans in Korea are raising the voice against JongPyun drama, Speed, strongly.

    We do not want Hyun Joong to get hurt.
    We do not want Hyun Joong to play a role in drama that no one would watch. 1% rating is pretty much dead rating.
    We don not want Hyun Joong to take a risk of losing the fame he earned.

    I feel like you don't know all the stories behind JongPyun channel and that is why I decide to tell you what it is.
    I hope this will make you understand little better why so many fans are against JongPyun drama.

  9. @anonymous 4:29 PM - None of that makes any sense to me. There are some A list actors names associated with this drama. Would they seriously even consider this if there was a problem as serious as being blacklisted? Especially Sooyoung of SNSD. SME would never do anything that would taint the image of SNSD. I also don't believe for one second Keyeast would do anything to jeopardize Hyun Joong's career. This just doesn't sound right to me at all. I just have a hard time understanding the Korean fans sometimes. I mean they didn't support PK at all so...don't know what to say about this mess. I think there is more drama outside of Hyun Joong's dramas than in them!

  10. @7:39 PM
    There's a reason why those A list actors can't reject the offer.
    Can't say more since this is open blog.
    Trust me Korean fans are right.I just hope KE can protect him.

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