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[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) - MAMA 2011 IN SINGAPORE (by 5StarAs1)

Its a very great fan account from Stephanie! ^^

Shared by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ www.i-kpoplovers.blogspot.com)
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It’s dated 29th of November 2011 on my iPhone’s calendar. This so-called prestigious day I’m waiting for nearly a month, had finally arrived. The day I finally meet Kim Hyun Joong after one whole year! Woke up around 7am that day to prepare for the day. Thanks to one of my friends, Melody who was willing to give me one media pass for the MAMA press conference at 10am in Sands Convention.

I got there around 9am (many international medias were there already!!), and was getting myself ready for the press conference just when I saw SYC team was there too. There wasn’t any seats provided, for those from where I was standing behind. Simon D &Dynamic Duo were the starter for the press conference which started around 10am, followed by either it’s ULALA or SuperstarK winners or something. Anyway, let’s skip the very boring parts (for me, at least. I was already yawning).

Just when I’m about to fall asleep and my legs began to sore, Hyun Joong finally stepped inside the room! Nearly went into a fangirl mode ‘Oh my gosh! It’s him it’s him, finally!’ that’s what I’ve been thinking continuously in my little over-elated heart at that time. There were some little claps welcoming him to the stage. He was wearing grey-black attire on that day, very similar to the looks during HEATFACT event in Japan. He seemed kinda tired but more chubby *pinch face* this time (to me, again~), but he’s very friendly in the presscon ^^..a little shy & nervous though ㅋㅋㅋ

There was this little moment at the beginning where he began to touch the mic in front of him and I thought ‘You aren’t going to dismantle that again?? Other idols still need to use that….’ But I guessed he was just bored listening to the translator doing the translations. And towards the English reporters after their questions, he said ‘Thank You’ in English too, very polite & cute too! (though he just murmured it & barely audible). And there was this last question where a reporter asked him about what is his first impression on Germans…and his answer was beer & sausages! Aroused many laughter including me as well. I think I was among the first one to laugh at the back after listening to what he said, so embarrassed >.<…anyway, a very splendid 4D ending that Hyun Joong made for his part in the press conference!

(oh yeah, he drank a lot of water too!!!)

After Hyun Joong left, I decided to leave too. Just when I was making my way out, I saw him again..my lucky day!! He was making his way to Singapore Indoor Stadium for last-minute rehearsal. I kept myself composed again and trying not to activate my fangirl mode, so I bowed 90 degrees to him and the guards beside him (but it was really only to him I intended to, really). He smiled and greeted me and we continued to walk to the exit. Suddenly, perhaps it’s just an adrenaline, I said ‘넌 넘 멋지다’ not to him, but Mr.Jeong. For around 1-2secs they eyed each other (maybe a little shocked ㅎㅎ) and Mr.Jeong said 감사합니다’ and so with my face blushed, I smiled & nodded, quickened my pace out to the exit~ *red face alert*

(To Mr.Jeong’s fans, I told what you wanted to confess, no? ^ㅇ^)

And off I went to meet my sister! It felt like ages waiting for her in the clinic, tried to haste her to cancel all her patients after 3pm so we might able to make it for the red carpet but she just wouldn’t listen to me. We left for the stadium around 5pm…and the red carpet were almost ending when we arrived at the stadium. Thus, we went right into the stadium.

(heard INFINITE’s Paradise when I arrived, chanted along the song because I’m a tiny fan & because I promised my unnie I’ll cheer for them even though they didn’t come for the awards~약속을지켰다!)

Luckily when I was inside the stadium and the show was just about to start, I heard that Hyun Joong didn’t walk the red carpet (because he was late or something?)!! So, I was asking ‘진짜요? 진짜???’ again & again. Anyway, the show started right on time when the clock strike 6. Simon D & Dynamic Duo kicked off the show with their rock performance which really heated up the stadium including me. Just then, the idols slowly walked up to the little stage beside the main stage to their seats. I spotted Hyun Joong walking behind the stage so I guess it’s time to activate my fangirl mode now, and I screamed~ He sat at the far left in front, and beside him was Huh Gak. Hyun Joong was wearing a formal suit with a bow tie, similar to the one he wore on Style Icon Awards 2011, but I can’t be sure since it all looked the same.

When the winners were announced, Hyun Joong was also among the first to stand up as a sign of congratulation to the winners, although he’s considered a sunbae there. And similarly, many other idols bowed at him when they returned to their seats. Well respectable Hyun Joong sunbaenim ^^

During the performance, Hyun Joong watched very closely (those he looked pretty lonely ㅠㅅㅠ), like during Koda Kumi’s performance, his sight was following her all the way to the end, from the main stage to the circle stage. Watched the video on the screen as well, doubt he can understand those English words *tease ㅋㅋ*  Oh, when Super Junior was announced for the Singapore’s Choice Award, Siwon gave Hyun Joong a hug! Aww, I didn’t know they were closed, but maybe it’s just a sign of respect/congratulations? Someday, I would like to see them casting in the same drama. ㅎ

…..Suddenly, Hyun Joong disappeared from the seat when I wasn’t noticing, my sister said he went to the gents? I was getting a little frantic that he disappeared so quickly to somewhere. But after a while later, he returned but he sat at the last row behind. I think it was Leeteuk & his members, along with SNSD, greeted him when he returned. Perhaps he was nervous, he kept drinking the water again. Hyun Joong ah, relax, many fans all over the world came to support you! You might need to go to the toilet again if you drink too much ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

When they were announcing the Best Male Solo Artist & the nominees’ video were being shown, the fans were chanting ‘Kim Hyun Joong! Kim Hyun Joong!’ , he was smiling as well! I guessed he’s very happy that he really got at least one award in MAMA that he wished in the press conference earlier!

(I’m still happy over the fact that Nam Gyuri announced the Best Male Solo Artist ^^)

I didn’t manage to hear his congratulatory speech because I was busy cheering for him, aigoo..it’s almost similar to the usual that he will work harder in the future, thanked the fans’ support & love…and love his very loud 감사합니다 which made many fans, including the Cassiopeians above me cheered for him too!! (there were practically 3 whole rows of them above my seats)

A little while later, it was finally our Lucky Guy’s performance! He was wearing a black-white bling bling suit for the performance. Finally, I’m able to see Lucky Guy live…so exciting! I loved it when he went near to the side stage to grab miss A’s Suzy for his Lucky Guy’s special! That moment nearly made me cry because it was filled with a tinsy bit of jealousy & proud because all the idols stood up (he looked like a boss!! OMG) and go crazy that almost wished they were Suzy haha! It seemed like B2ST’s Doojoon (or is it him?) seemed like he enjoyed Hyun Joong’s performance too! FC MEN for the win!

After Lucky Guy’s performance ended, there comes Hyun Joong’s special stage, jazz/latin performance! He looked like he really enjoyed it and he kept smiling all the way, me too!!! Anyway, after it ended, when he was walking to the backstage with Artmatic following behind, Hyun Joong nearly slipped (like he’s about to slip doing a split lmao!). I’m not really sure but perhaps his 4D-ness was back again that he’s trying to kick the confetti, but there’s no confetti. Perhaps, in my opinion and from what I saw, he was really about to slip because of the slippery stage. Be careful, Hyun Joong!

It was a little sad that Hyun Joong didn’t return to his seat after his performance/ for the rest of the show. So, he might have left early back to the hotel. I didn’t follow to leave this time though, I enjoyed the show to the end.

SNSD’s performance was really a great scale one, with high props being set up for them. However, as much as I want to get really high with SNSD’s The Boys Remix live, but I didn’t, don’t know why. Maybe the fanchant wasn’t loud enough, compared to Super Junior & 2NE1′s, SNSD’s fanchant was losing out that night (IMO, no fanwars intended). Nonetheless, it’s also a great performance, I would say.

Speaking of which, B2ST members gave their jacket to two of the SNSD’s members, fan service, much? ㅎㅎ

Super Junior really gave a really big fan service that night. Siwon came from the Pen C side using hanging wires. Yes, he was really near to the fans sitting above Pen C! Fans sitting in that category went wild!! I kept exclaiming ‘Oh my god…oh my god..’ like a mad woman, pardon me to those who’s beside me

Super Junior’s fanchant was the loudest for that night, and the whole stadium were a sea of blue oceans, including me who was holding blue lightstick given by the fanclubs. 현중아, 미안해요, 나도 많이많이 너를 위해 응원했어요!!! 알았지?ㅋㅋ After performing Mr Simple, there comes the ‘legendary’ 100 backup dancers recruited in Twitter for Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry performance. Hmm, perhaps it’s a special stage but I don’t feel they need 100 of them LOL!

As for 2NE1′s performance, it was the 2nd performance I enjoyed the best after Hyun Joong’s. Even chanted along with fans even though I’m not really sure how so just ‘내가 제일 잘 나가!!’ all the way~ It was indeed a very powerful performance. SNSD were fangirling at their seats too! ^^

Oh, and when they were announcing the Album of the Year, many fans including me & the Cassies above were shouting for ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki’. Even though TVXQ wasn’t there that night, I was still touched that Cassies were still there holding the fanboards/glowing boards when TVXQ was shown on the screen!

So, here ends my MAMA fan account. I know it isn’t a great one, but hope you liked it.  ^^

(saw the idols entering their vans back to the hotel, fans were gathering above the bridge & some were chasing downstair)

Side-note: All the idols return to Marina Bay Sands Hotel for the private after-party in KuDeTa.

After MAMA ended, met with Alice to get my copy of Hyun Joong’s Lucky Limited Edition album. Thanks, Alice! (sorry for making you to walk from the bridge to the MRT & giving so much trouble >.<)

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