Monday, November 7, 2011

Vote for Kim Hyun Joong at 2011 Yahoo Buzz Awards

I actually forgot about Yahoo Buzz awards already because of MAMA... Now Yahoo Buzz Awards reminds me of something I dont want to remember anymore... but I still want him to win these three times in a row just like how he did on Style Icon Awards... So Henecians, vote.. ^^

Shared by: Stephanie @5StarsAs1
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1. Go to the website: CLICK HERE

2. Click 'Top 30 亚洲人气偶像' (Top 30 Asia Popularity Idols'). Next choose the first option which is 金贤重 (Kim Hyun Joong).

3. Click Yahoo! 搜寻 to cast your vote. 

4. Login either with your Facebook, Google or Yahoo account.
Note: It means you can vote 3 times per day with 3 different accounts.

5.  Next, enter the blanks below as follow.
Note: This is just a one-time step. Upon the next login or vote, you can skip this step.

6. This is a repetitive step upon each vote casting. Enter the verification number as shown.

7. Click '关闭' (close) on top right corner. And you're done!. 

8. You may either click 'This' to post it to your Facebook, you will get 1000 points for this which allow you a chance to present the award to KHJ if he wins in the ceremony ^^. Or you may choose 'That' to continue voting.

9. And here we go again. Repeat Step 3 and jump to Step 6. You can vote up to 30 times a day per account! ^_^


So, what are you waiting for? Let's keep your fingers tapping on your mouse and keyboard to vote for Kim HyunJoong. And remember, we have another MAMA awards to vote here too!

*Golden Disk Award 2011 poll will be up soon too! Stay tuned! :D

Yahoo! Asia Buzz Award 2011 Voting have started!! Vote for HyunJoong for the Asia Most Popularity Award in Yahoo! Asia Buzz Award. Click the 'Top 30 亚洲人气偶像‘, click 1st option for 金贤重 (KHJ), then click Yahoo 搜寻, sign in with your Yahoo/FB/Google account to vote. 

You can vote 30 times per day per account for HJ in Yahoo! Buzz Award Most Popularity Poll. If you have FB, Google and Yahoo account respectively, it means you can vote 90 times per day. [cr: 5StarsAs1]


  1. I voted 10 times but I cant see the increase in voted and how to log out??

  2. It only updates once per hour so you won't see the votes increase as you vote. You can vote up to 30 times per account. It won't let you vote anymore when you hit 30. You log out at the letters on the left of the tab that says 'your points'. Kudos to you Yahoo! It's more of a pain to vote but you made it where they can't cheat!

  3. how do i know my votes were counted since "your point" box showed 0? hope i did it right... first time around, i was able to follow steps 1 to 7, but when i got to panel 8 i had to arrow back to another panel to be able to click on the yahoo box, next was the "authorized word". i logged out by clicking on the text at the left side of the "your points" box.

  4. The points box is for the Facebook contest. I'm not sure how that works. Some other blogs have a more detailed tutorial on how to do that. As long as you get the pop up of the Yahoo page after you do the authorization code then your vote counted. It sounds like you logged out correctly.

  5. thanks anon 3:07 pm. i think i finally got the hang of it! kinda takes a bit more time to vote but i'm pleased yahoo built in these controls to prevent a repeat of last year's voting fiasco! what an emotional roller coaster it was!!

  6. Hey, I can't seem to vote, as it keeps asking me to key in the authentification number, even though I did!

  7. grrr, voting sucks today!! initially, things were working smoothly (i thought!) signed in, clicked the yahoo box, typed in the authorization code, clicked the x box on the next page, clicked on the yahoo box again, etc. after maybe doing this routine 15 times, the dreaded yahoo curse stepped in!!! the yahoo box completely froze!!! i was so mad!! all of those lost votes!! i signed back again but this time the authorization code did not pop up after clicking the yahoo box! so frustrating! here we go again with another year of yahoo pain!!

  8. I can't get in to the website. do u know why? I hope I could help increase the vote coz I have a few yahoo account by the link is not working. I am in saudi arabia, do you think it's because of my location? Thank you.

  9. I'm sorry just bear with the typographical error. it should have been "accounts" and "by" means but. he he. Please tell me how can I vote in another way. I really do want him to win again..