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Translation: (Kim Hyun Joong) – Guest at Younha’s Starry Starry Night [2011.10.24]

Translated by Cheerkoo@GooHyeSun's thread soompi

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CR: MisaTsubaki

Hallyu stars are presented in her show. Second guest is KHJ.

KHJ greets audience. He says he was thinking about something else…especially high school students studying for the final exam and wondering if they are really studying.
KHJ is currently a big hallyu star but he is modest by saying that he is merely walking the road that previous hallyu stars have paved. KHJ talked about how 90,000seats are already sold out for his Japan tour. KHJ is very grateful to the fans in Japan. Originally it was for 30,000 seats and more request came in that they opened more seats. KHJ wishes the best to students studying for the final. KHJ says that he recently has lots of younger male fans following him. They would yell out HJ-Fighting and run away. These days there are too many news about how well mannered KHJ is—so he feels too self conscious that he tends to shy away from greeting people.

While talking with Younha, they also sometimes read off monitor what fans write in:

Why did you lose Jandi to Joonpyo---Reason is simple~Joonpyo loves Jandi more and he also has lot more.

When KHJ says he loves the fans of the radio show, people sent in message that they want to be near KHJ or something like that. KHJ says answer is simple—they can marry his older brother then they can get near him. Older brother is one year older but he is actually nearly two years older because he is born early part of the year. But I think KHJ said he is not sure if his brother is seeing someone or not.

You talk about women with Bae YongJoon? He is a regular person like most people. Bae worries about his future girlfriend and he would tell him that one day someone will appear. Bae likes women who are smart, well-educated, from good family and beautiful.

To KHJ, his standard is not that rigid. He likes women who can talk well with him, drink soju with him even late at night and play with him so that he does not get lonely.
KHJ says that Bae is more like a good mentor to him. He consults about his future etc. Bae supports him and gives him advice.

KHJ’s Do you like that song—KHJ says that it is a song that encourages people to enjoy what they enjoy. He also participated in composing the lyrics of that song. KHJ also says that when he likes something, he tends to enjoy it very much.

He wears sunglasses to give off a tough and a playboy-type of guy and he could not do it without the sunglasses for his new songs. But people wrote in that they want to see his eyes.

KHJ rates himself on 10 questions.

1)After shower, I would rate myself 7/10 when I look at myself in the mirror. He says he lost his muscle for the new song’s sake. So he does not feel as buffed as before. He says he is more comfortable as he does not have to expose himself that much.

2)My popularity among women is 8. He knows that not all people find him their style just as he does not find all women his style either. He says it is a matter of taste.

3)Objectively speaking, my singing skill level is 6. He says he still wants to give that score for now but he wants to increase that point one point a year for the next 4 years.

4)My acting ability after making debut as a singing actor is 6.5 He says that he only did two projects. But he gave himself extra 5 points because he really practices hard alone even using cork in mouth. He wants to increase in acting ability by 2 points each year. He watches drama and movie every day and he listens to music daily and practices.

5)My ability to be considerate during dating is 8. He says he originally wanted to give himself 10 points but being a human being, he cannot. He is very considerate in the beginning but later he tends to be less responsive. If the gf wants him 10 x, he may respond maybe 8 times. He does not think there is a perfect man. But then he changes mind…he says that there is a fan whose husband drove his wife to KHJ fan meeting on his motorcycle because she was worried that she may be late.

6)After a break up my speed at which I can recover is 4. He says that after a break up, he has no feelings for even the prettiest and nicest women. He thinks that he is a type who has to wait a while before seeing other women again. One male fan also called in to say that he is like that too—that he finds it hard to get over the break up that quickly. Yoona asks KHJ how long does it take for him to get over the break up. He says that it is not that he forgets completely. When he does meet someone, he says that he tends to meet for a long time that unless he feels something instantaneously, it does not happen that quickly. It may take 6 months the earliest.

7)How I express my thoughts/feelings to the woman I like is 10 .He says that many people say that he is very moo-teuk-teuk (stiff and blunt) and it is kind of true. @27:50 “There is one person in this world to whom I show ‘aegyo’. When someone I love shows up, it is the only person to whom I show aegyo.” Yoona says she is very curious as to what kind of aegyo he shows…KHJ says that he does all kinds of aegyo that he even suspects whether that is really him. Younha begs him to show one aegyo—KHJ says that he loves getting confirmation from the other person. KHJ will ask, Do you love me or not? If she says she loves him, that is fine. But if she says she does not, then he would say, comeon, I know you love me…Younha says that KHJ face turned a bit red because she requested something uncomforta ble from him.

8)My 4-D score is 7 : KHJ says that he is not that unique in that respect. He talks about taping a show Come and Play and there are other people who are even more 4-D than he is. With Yoona’s suggestion he says that he earns to go to space one day. He does not want to be the first to try it. He will wait and see how safe it really is. When it is 100% safe, then he will go.

9)The degree of difference between my being social vs quiet is 10 .He says that when he is not close to someone, he does not say even one word no matter what the situation is. But if that person is his type of person or his person, then he tends to give his all to that person. Who is closest to you? He talks about his friends from kindergarten days. He names them and says that they can be found in town of Jamsil.

10)Younha’s charm is 10 . KHJ praises how improved Younha is since the last time she came aboard.

Fans praise how well he talks as well---Younha asks about an aspect of him which is ugly..KHj says it is his feet. He has feet that is very worn out, bruised and with lots of callouses. That is why he does not take off his socks easily. He made a mess of his feet due to soccer, dance practice, etc. He found out about foot care places that he wants to take someone with him to get some treatment. Younha says that KHJ is perfect in everything except for his feet. But KHJ also says that he does not have a very good jang or intestines either. So he is receiving treatment these days for it.
His old fans always call in—people like his Lucky Guy….
Lucky Guy is sung—he says that it is a song that reminds people to think positive and to think of oneself as lucky person…He knows that there may be lots of people who are depressed and stressed out but to think positive and to make their wishes come true.

People wrote in to say that KHJ is perfect in ??? KHJ says that his pupil size is becoming smaller. His codi noonas have said it.

Some wife is so crazy about KHJ that it creates jealousy in husband. KHJ says that if his wife likes some idol, he will not interfere with his wife’s likes. He will even take his wife to see the concerts of that idol with their children but he will not go into the concert himself. (keke---he wants his wife to go to the idol concert with their kids…!!) But KHJ says that if his wife posts a pix of the idol above their bed, then he will tear it up.

He talks about being a replacement DJ for ShinDong who is in America. He wants people to stay up and listen to him at midnight.
He did have lots of dark circle before but KHJ says that he is receiving treatment for dark circle by getting sleep therapy. He receives some type of acupressure type of treatment that make him sleep much better and making his dark circle disappear.

KHJ says that he tends to drink fast because that is the tradition of everybody who works with him. They are all so bus

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