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'Milky-Strong Man' Kim HyunJoong's Beauty Interview, ''Drink Lots Of Water & Choose The Right Cleanser''

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Q: You made your comeback with 'Lucky Guy' after some time. What's the new concept in your new album this time?
A: I wanted to express something more dandy and gutty image in this album this time. So, a strong smoky eyes makeup was emphasized on the eyes. In conjunction to the rhythmical beat and funky rock in the title track 'Lucky Guy', the song itself together with the matching light color baby-permed hair, exudes a cheerful aura.

Q: You're known as the 'Milky-Strong Man' for your immaculate skin. How do you manage it?
A: To ensure that there is no problem with the skin, try to avoid putting thick make ups.

Q: What about cleansing?
A: I washed my face thoroughly to ensure there's no any makeup leftovers. I've heard that a clean face is more important than having makeups on the face. (laughs)

Q: Due to the busy schedule, how did you manage your skin?
A: No matter how much stress I'm getting, what's more important is to keep a positive mindset aside from maintaining a good eating habit, sleep well as well as exercising. The stress received will be marked on our faces if we are tired. There's a wide range of beauty products, and you can just choose either one from the many.

Q: Just right before a shooting, how do you deal with the troubles that came up?
A: I don't need to wear any glasses even if I'm having any skin troubles. Because my stylist will cover it up perfectly with makeups. (laughs) After the shooting ends, only then I'll sooth my skin by using skin patch.

Q: During an important filming, which part do you feel it's more important?
A: It's always have been important to show the best impression. Although the outlook is one of the important point to note in my career, but it's more important to show my passion on the stage so I can have a enjoyable stage performance together with the fans.

Q: What are your the beauty secrets?
A: Drink lots of water usually. And wash my face thoroughly. During the weekends, definitely will put on the mask pack at least two times to ensure full skin nourishment.

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