Wednesday, November 2, 2011

(Fancam) Kim Hyun Joong at Secret Garden Premium Talk And Live

Credit: as tagged
Video upload: hj8666


  1. Gorgeous boy, our Kim Hyun Joong! Did he speak in Japanese? If he did, then that's good cos he really has a large fan-base in Japan, doesn't he? Since he's having his Japan concert soon I guess he needs to brush-up his rusty but cute Japanese... KHJ Hwaiting!

  2. Hyun Joong must make a bigger effort to master Japanese. He is big in Japan and it was after all his first destination and venture outside of Korea for his activities.
    It will be a great advantage for him if he were to sincerely learn to communicate with his fans in their language. Of course knowing Mandarin and English will also have the same effect and rewards.
    However, language skills are not easy to acquire. Even if you have the motivation and the desire, you have to have the time and the perseverance.
    Hyun Joong is hard working enough,so go to it,dear boy and show your sincerity.