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(Translation) Kim Hyun Joong with Kim HeeChul Radio Show

And yet another translation!!!! 

Credit: Cherkoo of soompi

It has been a year since KHJ last visited KHC’s radio program and KHC remembers falling down laughing due to KHJ but unfortunately all the parts involving the laughter was edited out. KHJ greets listeners and hopes the people love his solo comeback with BD. KHC talks about BD winning number 1 spot in many music shows. KHJ admits feeling dazed and unreal about the number 1 spot the first time. He did not acknowledge that he has hit number 1 until the second time he received the number 1.

KCH asks if KHJ forgot to thank anyone when he won the number 1 spot as he was dazed and unprepared for the glory. KHJ says that he forgot to mention his parents. KHC provided soft music for KHJ to say few words. KHJ says that he is very sorry that he forgot to mention his parents. The next time, he will remember his parents if there is next time. KHC says that there certainly will be next time.

KHC asks if there is someone who first called to congratulate him when he first won the number 1 spot. KHJ says that he is raising a puppy/small dog at his house. KHC asks if it was his dog who called him first. Kekekekeke KHJ says it was the person who was watching his puppy who called the very first time. That person was the very first person to call him to congratulate KHJ when he came down from the stage. KHC cannot stop laughing about it—that a dog was watching a TV so that KHJ can receive doggy congratulations.

KHC asks who was the first celebrity person to call KHJ to congratulate him. KHJ says that YongJoon hyung texted him. KHC initially thought KHJ was talking about another celebrity then clicked that KHJ was talking about BaeYongJoong. KHJ responds that when BYJ calls KHJ, he asks what he is doing. KHJ responds that Bae laughs a lot. KHC says that many women waits for Bae’s smiles. KHC says that Bae occupies the admiration of women in their 30~50 age group and KHJ the age group of 10~20. KHJ says that he also has many nuna fans. He says that about 50% of his fans are in their 30’s 20% are in their 40’s and 50’s and only about 10% are teen fans. That is why he is used to writing ~~nuna when goes on fan signing events. One time, he attached nuna to someone who asked for his autograph wearing a uniform. That person said she is not a nuna.

They also talked about KHJ’s manly look with the comeback, esp his stage outfit for BD. KHJ says that when he first got the outfit, he was a bit embarrassed due to the deep ‘bust point’. Female fans have said that he looks sexy and he and KHC agree that slight exposure is sexier than total or much greater exposure. They also talk about preferring women with slight sign of exposure than total exposure –like women wearing short, flattering skirts which shows some mystery.

KHJ’s part of the feature that he does not feel confident—they are talking about”chi-chi” and KHJ feeling not so confident about his “chi-chi”—(sorry but I do not know what they are talking about.) This is Kim HeeChul’s last radio program and KHJ is his last guest.

KHJ imitates Cha SeungWon of Greatest Love…esp where Cha says” GeukBok”—Overcoming a difficulty/success. KHC says that he rarely watch dramas as he is too much into games and drinking after working. But he plans to watch Greatest Love and he says that Siwon of SUJU is close to Cha Seung Won and has seen that imitation before as well.

Now to the questions posted by the listenes; they have to come up with questions starting with “b” sounds. KHJ says he can think of “brazil”=which is Korean for bra.

KHJ says that he monitors his work by himself as he cannot concentrate if watches with others. KHC says that the President of SM or Kim SooMan monitors his work for him. He says that he does not get embarrassed by monitoring with other people but he just cannot concentrate as he wants to watch it one time to monitor himself. Sometimes BaeYongJoon would also give him some pointers as well.

What does KHJ like to eat esp when it is raining outside. KHJ says that he likes to drink “joongyosoo or soju. He says that he is not good at cooking. He can drink a lot as he likes to hang out with people. KHC says that he also likes to drink with Sam-D and HOngi and he feels that it requires good control and mangagement.

Someone asks if KHJ is envious of any female singers. KHJ says that he is not putting any female singers down but he has not felt envious of female singers. Actually he at times feels sorry to female singers as they have to wear high hills, must expose themselves more than male singers and their hair is longer so they could hinder their performance more.

About being called 4-D: KHJ says that 4-D does not exist. He says that he and his friends are all alike and he is just being blunt and honest. KHJ drew the uzushin by himself. When he came out with solo album, he thought about the items for the showcase. So he came up with alien head shaker for his fans to shake at his showcase. (KHJ has a good business sense!)

KHJ believes in aliens or life elsewhere. He very much likes movies about the space like transformers, amagetton?,,, He looked into space travel already…he thinks it is possible in 2018 for 2-uck (money) for 30 minute travel. As a requirement, he cannot have had any history of surgery to travel. So he plans to keep healthy and not get any surgery until he is able to travel to space. They talk silly about whether KHJ may be able to go out into the space to view the scene and whether there may be space gift store to buy souvenirs. KHC asks for souvenirs from space at that time.

KHC points about KHJ receiving consultation at the Knee POP master show because sometimes he feels that his popularity is like bubbles. KHJ at times feels as if he cannot comprehend this amazing popularity. He realizes that all this popularity is not forever and will end soon or later. KHJ believes in short yet deep /thick life—a life that equivalent to blazing fire. KHC says that KHJ’s life so far has been burning brightly for a very long time and wishes for it to burn long and forever.

Fans have written in whether certain things are more 4-D:

A seemingly silly person wrote in about wearing suit to his new job for first week, then president told him to be comfortable so he wore slipper and short pants then the president told him to at least have some sense and then he started to wear everyday Korean garb to work and his nickname is 4D at work. KHJ feels that is not 4D but some kind of planned rebellion. KHC kind of agrees.

Another person eats only the crispy skin part of the chicken, the hard chocolate part of the ice cream and the inside of the mandoo only. KHJ says this person also is not 4D but a person with very poor eating habit. KHC says similar things. They think that person has no consideration for other people the way he eats and needs to starve to know that is not way to eat.

Another person says that her classmate sleeps in class and does not go to any tutoring program after school and yet is ranked the top of class. KHJ says that person also is not 4D but a genius. KHJ provides more consoling advice to the poster saying that she can find her own gifts and good qualities. IT does not have to be in academics but it could be drinking the beer faster than anybody,,,He says that it is not always true that there are academic areas where one succeeds just by studying—it is not always like that.

Another person says she does not resemble anything about her parents. Her father is A type her mother is Btype and she is Otype. She feels miserable about it. She considers her father a superman . KHC says that Otype can be born out of AB parents. KHC wondersif she is 4D or if she is adopted. KHJ says that the poster would feel too sad to hear that. KHJ says very nicely that she has a diverse family. He thinks that would be very nice and harmonious family. KHJ says if the mother yells to eat, the father would try to calm the mother down to bring peace and the Otype child can tell the mother to stop yelling…he thinks it would be an interesting family.

Straightforward questions from the fans:

KHJ is well known for his loyalty to friends,,does he still operate chicken store with friends? KHj says he does. KHC encourages him to say anything he wants as this is KHC’s last radio prog. KHJ says that he and his friends started the chicken store because they always talked about having a place to get together to socialize and to stay in touch when they get older. Since it did not cost that much, the idea of chicken store came up. They started the business as something to do as fun and to perpetuate friendship and then it became a big hit. In the beginning, they would keep it open and then close it up so that the friends can grill some pork skins and drink and enjoy company. Then, suddenly, one by one, customers started to come in. The business is really good at this time. I basically invested but I do not do any type of serving over there. I sometimes wait around till the closing time and then spend some tiem with the friends afterwards. This is a kind of business that you have to do with true friends with whom you have trust. Partnership is not easy. But currently, two friends manage the place and keep it going. They get along fine and they do not resent that I am more a distant partner. Money can be sensitive issue and that is why it is so important to have trust. KHJ also says that there is no monetary greed at all and that is also very important. KHC says that Shindong of SUJU also set up PC room with some of his closest friends from childhood and it is doing really well. But KHC finds that there is lots of similarity bet Shin Dong and KHJ’s business because there is hardly any monetary greed and there is lots of trust and belief in each other. KHJ agrees that that is really the best way to go. KHJ says that his friend cooks all the chicken by himself instead of hiring someone to cook as different cooks can change the taste as well as methods of cooking.

KHC asks KHJ what kind of business would fit KHC if he decides to go out and open shop. KHJ asks if KHC usually go out at night. KHC says that he rarely is out when the sun is up. KHJ thinks Potato-tang or Korean style Potato soup might be good and call it Kim HeeChul’s KangWondo Potato-tang. KHC thinks that is something new. KHC really likes that idea. KHJ says he can put lots of cabbage with deep broth. He thinks that potato soup will bring much profit. He heard about it. KHC wants the production team to cut this part of the interview so that this news does not go out to any other potential rivals who also is looking for type of business. KHC says if he does open such a place, would it be oK for him to use the store name as KHJ gave him. KHJ says fine and he will send flower bouquet with potato in it. (I think there was a brief scene about potato soup restaurant in Greatest Love and about the pretty potato flowers . I did not think KHJ likes romantic comedies but he has watched Greatest Love and Secret Garden…maybe he is studying for his next acting job…hahahaha)

KHJ says goodbye and hope that the listeners remember forever KHC’s rado program. They joke that they start with “chi-chi” and ends with potato soup.

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